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Not the most exciting of subjects, but its vitally important to ensure the smooth running of the nursery and to assure you that your little one is being looked after in a professional manner..

This website touches on aspects of the following policies of which full details must be read by you prior to your child commencing nursery and which are always available for you to consult at any time. The nursery copies should be treated as the official and accurate policies.

Main policies and procedures:

Childcare Philosophy
Admission, Settling in & Ffees
Severe Winter Weather Policy
Safe Recruitment & Selection Policy
Equal Opportunities
Health & Safety
Technology & e-SafetyRisk Assessment
Recording Accidents, Incidents and Dangerous Occurrences
Policy & Practise - Working with children (Behaviour Management)
Biting policy
Partnership between parents and staff
Staff Supervision
Specific Needs
Initimate Care Policy
Nappy Changing & Toiletting
Infection Control
Illness / Medication
Pandemic (Swine Flu etc)
Healt, Nutrition & Food
Provision of means / Late Collections
Students / Volunteers
Missing Child
Uncollected Child

We are registered with Ofsted Early Years: Registration number EY261050
For further information, Ofsted can be contacted at:

Ofsted Early Years,
Piccadilly Gate,
Store Street,
M1 2WD
Tel 0300 123 1231

Clothing and belongings.
When you are a little person and there are so many exciting things to do, its easy to forget your jumper, coat, wellies etc and being a busy parent, its easy to overlook these things too! Children should wear easily washable and labelled clothing so that we can reunite you with your little one's belongings! We can supply wellies if necessary.

Nursery isn't a fashion parade so best/expensive clothing should be avoided in case of it getting messy. Please supply a full set of spare labelled clothing in a NON-PLASTIC bag, just in case. This is generally well used during toilet training.

Where necessary we will need to supply 'emergency pants' from our stock. Please wash and return within 3 days.
Because we like to explore our countryside, labelled wellingtons and raincoats should also be supplied. During summer labelled sunhats and bottled sunscreen should be supplied. We recommend 'foreign legion' type sunhats as they protect the back of your child's neck.
Babies may be brought to nursery in their night wear up to 8:30 am and staff will change them into their day clothes.

Behaviour management
Politeness, good manners and courtesy are encouraged, praised and rewarded. We understand that children have to learn to get on with those around them, this may not always go smoothly as life doesn't come with an instruction book. Children are never punished for toilet accidents and are never denied food as a form of punishment. Should discipline be needed, age is taken into account.
We have clear guidelines on what is considered unacceptable behaviour. Staff are made aware so that they are consistent and fair in dealing with any issues.

Continued unacceptable behaviour may result in sanctions (time out) This method is usually an effective way of getting the child to reflect on their actions. If this fails to resolve the issue and the behaviour continues, then an Incident form may be completed and shared with parents/carers. Any behaviour that cannot be dealt with in the setting, may result in specialist advice being sought.

Equal opportunities
All children, parents/carers and staff are treated as equals at Apples and Pears, regardless of race, culture, religion, sex or ability. A diversity of backgrounds of staff is seen as a positive influence in the nursery for the enrichment that this brings.. Food, equipment, activities and resources used reflect positive, anti-stereotypical images of all the above mentioned.

The welfare of the child is of paramount importance.

If any member of staff directly observes or suspects any form of physical or mental abuse, it will be noted and brought immediately to the managers attention. The staff observations will be fully investigated internally. Where further investigation is deemed necessary, advice will be sought from Social Services Access Team and Ofsted.

Parents/carers will be notified of any incident and any incidents will be treated sensitively and confidentially.

Safeguarding Policy Framework
Download the 'Safeguarding Policy Framework for Children in Childcare Settings' document  .pdf 250kb Opens in new window

Three P's summary

Policies and Procedures
All policies must be read prior to commencing.

Special children receive the support they need.

Registered with Ofsted
Reg No. EY261050

Label everything!
Please supply a spare set of clothes in a non plastic bag. ~also~ wellies and raincoats, sunhats and sunscreen.
Babies can be dropped off in night wear until 8:30am

Strictly controlled.
We don't supply Calpol and similar medicines, but you can-labelled please.

Prescription medication:
Child has to be using for 48 hours prior to returning.

Behaviour management:
Escalation procedure for unacceptable behaviour.

Age related discipline procedure. Toilet accidents not punished.

Equal opportunities. Everyone is treated equally. Diversity is encouraged. Toys, food etc anti-stereotypical.
Child protection
The welfare of the child is paramount. Thorough non-reactionary procedures.

Partnership summary

Communication - a two-way process.

Pre-registration visit, a must!

Other channels of communication, Newsletters, Parent evenings, home visits, open days and social events, notice board and daily activity summaries.

Building planned, designed and built to be best for your child from day one.

Guidance and registration with Ofsted, 4-yearly inspections.

Work with numerous other professionals.

Throughout our website, we have tried to put emphasis on parental involvement in care and curriculum. We always remember that you know your child best and therefore are best able to inform us of what your child likes and dislikes, needs or must avoid.

We require all families to visit us on a pre-registration visit. This is for very good reasons. Not only will you get a feel for our loving and caring atmosphere, but you will also have as much opportunity as you require to discuss your child(ren) with our dedicated members of staff and ask for any additional information you require. If you are a little person, and its your first time at nursery, it could be quite daunting, a familiarisation visit in the company of his or her parents will be reassuring and make the transition to attending nursery really easy.
It is vital that communication is a continuous two-way process so that parents and staff can inform each other of a child's progress both at home and in the nursery to ensure continuity and consistency. This is particularly important during weaning, transfer from bottle to cup, time and cessation of naps, potty training or if you have any emotional or behavioural concerns.

We appreciate how busy working parents can be and you may need to just collect-and-go and don't have time for a chat about your child's day. In view of this we provide a written summary of your child's day including food, activities and sleeps.

As part of our commitment to partnership we have a newsletter, there are parents evenings, open days and social events which are not only a bit of time off for parents, but an opportunity to discuss the care and progress of your child.

With your help, we want to make sure that when your child(ren) leaves Apples and Pears, that they will be happy, confident, independent and ready to meet their next challenge.
Partnership with other professionals
Apples and Pears started by consulting with experienced, planners, builders, environment health and fire safety officers, to ensure the best layout and safety for your child(ren). By undertaking an intentional conversion and design, we can avoid the compromises that are inherent in multi-use buildings, Apples and Pears is not used for any other purpose.

Guidance and registration from Ofsted, with continued 4-yearly inspections ensure and confirm that all standards are met and adhered to.

We also work in conjunction with many professionals, such as health visitors, speech and language therapists and the Community Dental Service. As mentioned elsewhere we only provide healthy foods, drinks and snacks.
The 3P's: Policies, Procedures and Partnership
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