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Each room is specifically designed for a small age range and the little people using them. Although we structure the nursery into age based groups, there is still plenty of opportunity for everyone to get together which helps with social skills as well as sensitivity and tolerance.

From here, you can find out about each of the main rooms...
Quick summary

Sandy Strawberry
0-12 Months*

Polly Pear:
12 months - 2 years*

Andy Apple:
2  - 3 years*

Ollie Orange:
3 - 5 years*

Peaches Pre-school
3 - 5 years*

Breast feed here if you wish or supply bottled breast milk or formula.
All equally welcome.

We supply up to age 2. You can supply your own

We understand. Call us or drop in, we'll be happy to see you.

*All ages approximate
Ages and Stages
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A fun, loving, challenging and safe environment for your little people
Appx 12 - 24 months
Polly Pear:
Ground floor.
Starting to walk. More >>>
Appx 3 - 5 years
Ollie Orange:
First floor.
Having lots of fun!. More >>>
0 - appx 12 Months
Sandy Strawberry:
Ground floor.
Perfect for baby. More >>>
Appx 2 - 3 years
Andy Apple:
First floor.
Little people More >>>
Appx 3 - 5 years
Peaches Pre-school:
Getting ready!  More >>>
All practitioners work closely with management to plan and offer fun packed activities that cover the Early Years Foundation Stage three prime areas of learning and development: Communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development as well as the four specific areas of literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

Extra activities are offered at certain times i.e. languages and fitness programmes. In this event parents are notified of full details.

Opportunities are created in the Nursery when all children are integrated together, thus allowing the little ones to delight in the abilities of their older friends and the older ones learn to be sensitive and tolerant of their younger counterparts. Siblings also get the opportunity to spend time and enjoy song times, stories, etc.
General to all rooms and age groups:
The Banana Club offers a first class, before school, after school and school holiday provision for children between 3 and 12 years.

The club is a member if the national '4 Children' network and is run in association with the nursery but in a separate building within secure grounds.

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