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In Andy Apple's room, children are kept busy with all the great activities they enjoyed in Polly Pear's room and more. These are provided through supervised free play and adult lead learning.

Additionally in this room, however, children are steadily introduced to more formal lessons in numeracy and language. Role play and dressing up are also a regular thing.
The children are encouraged to have a quiet time during their busy day, when they can rest or sleep, if required, or enjoy quiet activities such as jigsaws and puzzles or reading and drawing.

Staff begin or continue with training with much patience and perseverance - we understand that every child is an individual. You may wish to ensure that nursery has a good supply of spare pants or trainer pants.
Andy Apple's room:
Appx two to three years.
First floor

There is also lots of encouragement with pencil control, colour and shape recognition and social skills, for example, turn-taking, sharing, sitting through story time and listening to others. Key workers continually monitor the developmental stage and needs of your child, providing differentiation where needed. Adult lead activities are well planned to incorporate all the requirements of the DfE Early Years Foundation Stage.