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And a word from few of our younger consumers (aged 3-4 years)

When asked why they like coming to nursery.....

'Because I love playing outside, dressing up, and playing with my friends'.
'I like playing jenga blocks, mums and dads, lego and going on the swing'.
'Because I like looking at the books, playing with the cars and painting'.
'Because I can see the cows out of the window'.
Feedback: What parents and carers think
'I feel we made an excellent choice in picking Apples & Pears for Tilda. She is growing into a happy, confident and well mannered little girl and a huge part of that is thanks to ALL of your staff. I would not hesitate in recommending Apples & Pears to anyone. Thank you'. (Andrea, Hamish & Tilda Woodhead).
'In the short time my son has attended, the staff have got to know him really well and his profile is a true reflection of where he is developmentally. Staff listen and take into accountwhat he knows from parents feedback, in order to plan his next steps in learning. His confidence has grown tremendously. Practitioner Amy is extremely professional and very approachable. I cannot rate this nursery highly enough'. (Mrs L McAree).
'Apples & Pears have been amazing in supporting our daughter with her speech. We looked at other nurseries before choosing Apples & Pears and didn't find one in which the carers are more interested in and devoted to children'. (G Shannon)
'After moving Isabelle to Apples & Pears she has developed and become more confident. The girls are constantly creating activities which are mindful of both interactive and learning skills. I have no doubt that Isabelle will be school ready when the time comes, because of their positive enthusiasm towards learning. I look forward to Isabelle's future milestones being met, whilst attending this wonderful nursery'. (E. Rowley)
'Both my children have enjoyed being at A & P's, the staff are friendly and professional, and I feel my children are learning whilst playing' ( L. Booth)
'Can we have an Apples & Pears School/ University please?!' (The Shenton Family)
The Banana Club

'Jon & Beth are very happy at the Banana Club, thanks to the lovely caring staff'. (Sally Witter)