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Food has such a central role in our lives that it is important to start good food habits as soon as possible. With a world of colours, smells, textures and tastes a good variety of food provides not only good and essential nutrition, but experiences for all the senses.

Dining together is also a great social activity and children dine together in their age group rooms. We continually promote feeding skills and good table manners.

We use locally grown produce wherever possible delivered fresh to our door and we prepare on the premises.

At Apples and Pears, you are give the option of providing your own meals and snacks if you wish, or we will be happy to cater for your little one with your written agreement.
Meals summary

We can cater or you can provide meals and snacks

We use at least 5 portions of fresh fruit and veg a day.

Locally grown produce is used wherever possible.

We are happy to cater for special dietary needs.

Additives are avoided.

Low salt and sugar

Meal ideas always welcome!
In partnership with you, staff work through the weaning process, babies are generally provided with the same meals but puréed or mashed accordingly.

All children are served a healthy balanced diet which is low in sugar and salt. We incorporate at least five portions of fruit or vegetables into our menu programmes. Drinks of milk or water accompany all meals and snacks.

We do appreciate that your child may have special dietary requirements and we will be happy to cater for these. If you also have particular preferences or meal ideas, then we'd love to hear about them.

Meals are planned weekly and displayed weekly on the parents notice board.

For example,
Lunch:- Spaghetti Bolognaise, Apple Charlotte & custard sauce
Tea: Selection of pinwheel sandwiches & salad, Fruit scones.
All staff are asked to undertake the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.
Meals and Snacks
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Food hygiene

All premises providing catering have to be inspected by the Food Standards Agency to ensure that the food that is prepared is safe.
Our chef has an NVQ level 3 in Food Preparation (the highest) and Scale 5 Food Hygiene Rating (the highest).

With all the concern about where meat comes from, we'd just like to say that we know where all our beef comes from and its all local