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In Ollie Orange's room children are introduced to a slightly more structured programme. There are still lots of opportunities for free play, adult lead activities are well planned to incorporate all the requirements of the DfE Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our pre-school co-ordinator works closely with management to plan fun packed themes that cover the three prime areas of development and four specific areas of development.

Opportunities are created in the nursery when all children are integrated together, thus allowing the little ones to delight in the abilities of their older  friends and the older ones learn to be sensitive and tolerant of their younger counterparts. Siblings also get the opportunity to spend time together and enjoy song times, stories and other activities.

We occasionally offer other activities such as dance, sports, languages and other activities. We will always give you good notice of these taking place.
The transfer from nursery to school can be a big step when you are a little person. Together with you, we will help to prepare your little one for 'big school'. We have excellent relationships with our local schools and arrange familiarisation visits as going to school is a lot less scary when you've been there before.

Ollie Orange's room:
Appx three to five years.
First floor