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Peaches Pre-school further develops the activities in Ollie Orange's room with more opportunity for free-flow / outdoor play and more emphasis on helping children with their transition to school.

Adult lead activities are well planned to incorporate all the requirements of the DfE Early Years Foundation Stage.

Children can see moving to Peaches as an exciting step in growing up while still being in the familiar surroundings they've known for some years.

Our pre-school co-ordinator works closely with management to plan fun packed themes that cover all six areas or learning:-

Personal, Social & Emotional Development
Communication, Language & Literacy
Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy
Knowledge & Understanding of the World
Physical Development
Creative Development

Peaches Pre-school is attached to the Banana club, so pre-schoolers will have some opportunity to mix with older children helping them get ready for their transition to school itself.

The transfer from nursery to school can be a big step when you are a little person. Together with you, we will help to prepare your little one for 'big school'. We have excellent relationships with our local schools and arrange familiarisation visits as going to school is a lot less scary when you've been there before.

Peaches Pre-School
Appx three to five years
External building