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Polly Pear's Room is well equipped with early learning and traditional toys as well as toys that assist with walking - where necessary. Under close supervision children are encouraged to experiment with painting, gluing and sticking, baking, construction, sand and water and dough - to name just a few.

On the less messy side, stories, songs rhymes, conversation, sign, music and movement are further encouraged thus developing language, co-ordination and social skills.

Children have regular outdoor plays. They are given help and encouragement to improve their gross motor skills using appropriately sized play equipment and ride along toys.

Pushchairs and reins are also provided for country walks and day trips. These only take place with your authorisation.
Adult lead activities are well planned to incorporate all the requirements of the DfE Early Years Foundation Stage.
A partitioned cosy area provides for rest and sleep. This is managed in accordance with you and your child's needs and requirements.

Nappies are provided by the nursery until your child is two years of age. With your go-ahead and partnership in practise we begin potty training.
Polly Pear's room: 
Appx 12 - 24 months
Ground floor