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This room has been purposely designed to cater for your baby. We have a safe play area with colourful, tactile and stimulating toys and an area where babies can sleep. If you prefer, the tranquillity and healthy country air provides the perfect environment for your child to sleep whilst supervised outdoors. (weather permitting!)

We only use natural fibre sheets and blankets which are changed for each child. Duvets, pillows and cost bumpers are not used.

Our carefully selected crèche team provide your most precious possession with constant care and attention. Songs, rhymes lullabies and baby sign encourage early language and communication development. Age appropriate games, books and activities are provided to cover all areas of learning. We use the key person system throughout the nursery. We will assign a key person to your baby to monitor and record their progress.

Adult lead activities are well planned to incorporate all the requirements of the DfE Early Years Foundation Stage. Child initiated play is also encouraged as it promotes interaction and social development and happens at the child's pace.
Anxious at leaving your child?

We understand.
Our dedicated staff are always there and happy to talk with you and reassure you. Call us any time or feel free to drop in if you're passing.
Sandy Strawberry's room:
0 to appx 12 months.
Ground floor

If you wish to visit the nursery to continue breast feeding your baby, you will be made most welcome. Alternatively, labelled, bottled breast milk could be supplied each day for our nurses to give to your little one. If this is not possible, then prepared formula should be provided each day. This needs to be clearly labelled with your child's name.

Top branded nappies and wipes are provided by the nursery up to the age of two. If your child has a problem with the brand supplied, we will be happy to use those you supply to us.